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Hey, I'm Gill!

After retiring from a career travelling the world as a professional dancer in favour of a more settled life, I decided to retrain as a Pilates and Mobility coach. I discovered how important it is to look after your mobility when it took a back seat to my gym training and I began to pick up injuries and pain I'd never felt before. Long story short, once I made the conscious effort to make more time for my mobility, something I had always done throughout my dance career, the difference it made showed me how much I had taken it for granted before. This small change to my training got me to a point where I am now completely pain and injury free and have been able to keep making progress in the gym. 

Too many people struggle through with pain so I'm determined to help others realise the importance of looking after your mobility and how it can help you prevent injuries, have less pain and tightness and become a better athlete! As the wise Jim Rohn said "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

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