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I'm a firm believer that great mobility has to be built on a foundation of both flexibility and strength. Yes, stretching can get you flexible however if you don't have the strength to control that flexibility you are putting yourself at risk of injury and vice versa, what's the point in having strength if you can't move effectively? Simply put, flexibility without strength is instability and strength without flexibility is rigidity.  I try to keep this philosophy in mind throughout all my classes, workshops and one to ones as finding that balance is so important in order to maintain a strong, healthy body with maximum range of movement.

I'm currently offering online classes and one to ones where we explore this philosophy throughout all movement. My classes are suitable for all levels as I give options where necessary and in one to ones I love to create exercises and movement to be sport or goal specific helping individuals reach their targets and become better athletes.


Come try out a class, the first one is free, or if you have more specific goals book in for a one to one where we can assess your strengths and weaknesses with a full mobility assessment and put together a tailor-made plan to help you reach your full potential.


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Online Sessions

Email: gill@mobilityflex.co.uk | Tel: +44 752739419

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